We’ve done VP2

Our team( High5 ) have done Video project2. And this is NG Cut.

Video in 10~30 sec is studying scene in library. But i and Sohee moved around so much behind of Dawoo, this scene can not be used for final film.

And video in 40~52 sec is the funnest NG scene. Dawoo would have passed the door, but because door was looked, he couldn’t pass. As you can see, we all laughed at that time zzz.


And this is output of out VP2. The name of video is Falling Bloom, this name describes the life of twenty.

Because of the greatest editor Heewon, actor Dawoo and Sohee, we could make good output and i enjoyed the process of taking video.

Thanks to our team!n


VP2, Let’s move on!

Last week we chose the subject of the film. Now it’s time to take a film. But before that, we needed scenario and script.

시나리오 대본

Left one is sketchy scenario of our film. I made the start scene which starts from          Han river under the bridge and shifts to water in the sinks. And rest parts were filled with other creative ideas. I like this process which start from zero ground and gradually fill space.
And Right is some part of our script. I wrote this in Korean and Sohee translated to English.

After we made scenario and script, we move on to film.

Dawoo takes main actor. I think he has talent on acting!. You can see in the film later.  Sohee and i take supporting actor and Heewon takes the shot with his great camera. This video express preparations for civil service examination.

And in this video, Heewon films a scene that shows Dawoo answering the call from mom after exam.





Starting VP2! (Decide subject of film)

Last week, we(High 5) gathered in univ and discussed about subject for VP2.

Before we met, i was  worried nobody wouldn’t suggest opinion. But in contrast with my worries, our team participate in discussion. I suggested two different subject. First idea was “What if i can be the other people?” By this subject, i want to show shining person who we  envy has their own difficulty. So sometimes we have to satisfy myself. Second ideas was “The man who is locked in camera”. I want to express funny  scene with this subject.But because of limitation of editing tech, we passed this idea.

In last, Heewon suggested how about dealing dark side of  high school life.  He showed us a video about high school suicide. Below is what we saw.

This video  had an effect on choosing subject for VP2. But rather than just copying it, we decided to change background of film, “high school” to “University”. We want to show twenty  losing the mean of life  because of  unemployment crisis.

Second week of may (Video)

Because i changed my phone to Galaxy s7 , Quality of video will be improved!

I found nice bar in ‘Sinchon’. Sensitive design, Good music and tasty beer~ It have all i needed!

Just looking at passing people in weekend, i want to play and drink.. zz

After playing with friends, i went to home. I love this time. Watching people and building in bus makes me comfortable.

Second week of may (photo)

In this week, The weather was so good!

Rainy days were gone and sunny days are comming

Going to school in sunny day
Going to school in sunny day
This day was Weekend, so few students were in school.... :(
This day was Weekend, so few students were in school…. 😦
Nice sky! Isn't it?
Nice sky! Isn’t it?
After school, Let drink! This is Grilled octopus leg. Great food for beer
After school, Let drink!
This is Grilled octopus leg.
Great food for beer
Hero of the day... The BEER
Hero of the day… The BEER

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Daily shots

First week of may (Video)

Waiting for friend in rainy day. I just want to show the atmosphere of rainy day. It makes me relaxed.

Going home at dark night.. I like this time, because hard time has gone and i will take a rest in my house!.

Watching cars in bus.. I hate this time for some reasons. First,  In way to school i always suffer heavy traffic jam. And l hate this time, just because it is literally  way to school.